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I was first introduced to ceramics in high school, where I fell in love with the medium.  I still have most of the pieces from that period, though they are somewhat the worse for wear after multiple moves.  Sadly, making a living intervened and I was unable to pursue ceramics except to take isolated classes.


After retiring from a career in IT Management for the Petroleum Industry, I returned to art as my new occupation.  I have taken classes at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts’ Glassell School of Art since 2014.  Wanting to try different media, I took classes in Jewelry Making and Painting before returning to Ceramics as my medium of choice.

Since returning to Ceramics, I have been honing my craft and creating steadily more complex pieces. The best part is I am still loving it! 

Artist Statement

My pieces are of animals - designed to speak to viewers and bring a smile to their faces.  I have always loved animals; they all have such individual personalities.  Growing up we frequently had more animals in the house than people, and we were a family of 6!  I have created a variety of different animals and enjoy researching each different type and its habits and characteristics.


No matter what kind of animal I am creating, I always try to pick one whose personality shows and will be visible to the viewer.  Since each is an individual to me, they all have names. 

Artist CV


   2018 – "Creatures Exhibit", juried show, Kinder Morgan, Houston, TX (Rose)

   2018 – "Multiplicity", Silos at Sawyer Yards, Houston, TX (The Scurry)

   2018 – "CAMEO Emerging Artist Show", juried show, U of H, Clear Lake, TX (Martha)

   2017 – "Ceramics in the Garden", Houston Center for Contemporary Crafts, Houston, TX (Bandit)

   2017 – "Glassell Student Show", juried show, Glassell School of Art, Houston, TX (Martha)

   2016 – Hallway display, Glassell Studio School, Houston, TX (Skippy)

   2016 – "Magnificent Mud Show", Georgetown, TX (Vases)



   2018 – Beth Cavener, The Contemporary Austin, TX


   NCECA - National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts

   Clay Houston

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